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BTS’s Jimin Learns Something New About Cabbages, Thanks To An ARMY

August 02, 2020 0 Comments

During a live broadcast, BTS‘s Jimin was talking about how he sometimes gets worried when BTS performs at places with hot weather, as he worries about fans fainting due to the heat. This caused an ARMY to share some special information about cabbages.



The ARMY talked about how in Busan, people are given cabbages to fight against the heat.

This shocked Jimin as he’s from Busan and has never heard this before.

He initially thought the ARMY was talking about the health benefits of eating cabbages.

The ARMY told Jimin that if you put cabbage leaves on your head, then it could help against heat.

Jimin decided to search for this information on his phone due to curiosity.

Jimin ended up finding out from a blogger that if you put a cabbage leaf in your hat, it can help lower your body temperature.

If you put a cabbage leaf in your hat, you can feel cooler.

At the moment when you put a cabbage leaf in your hat, you can feel that your body temperature goes down rapidly.

— Blogger

Jimin thanked the ARMY for the tip and said that he would be sharing this information with the other BTS members.

Here’s the full video below!