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[enter-talk] OH MY GIRL

June 13, 2015 0 Comments

I can't understand why they're getting bashed on. Honestly they're not fancily pretty but they're innocently pretty

Oh My girl's leader!! She's 22 years old but isn't she super pretty? No? Am I the only one who thinks like that?

And this girl gets freaking bashed on, she's not that pretty but she's seriously cute and she has charms  
I think that she'll look better with another kind of make up

the one who's famous for her bob hair in Oh My Girl!!! The other kids are all Jihyo Jihyo but I personally think that Binnie is the prettiest... but you know what? She's only in her 3rd year middle school!

Binnie who was doing to die from happiness when she heard "Yoo Binnie is in my heart!!!"

damn,.... she's pretty!

this is Yu-ah, isn't she the cutest? She looks like a doll, she kinda looks inhuman

Mimi...ㅜㅜㅜ Seriously for a rookie, her rap is good and she's also a stan attractor....♡

our chodingㅜㅜㅜㅜ Arin-ahㅜㅜ
is she really 17 years old...?are you sure of that?

the last one, JinE whom I seriously wish she doesn't get bangs. Why are you giving her bangs...? I can't understand, please remove her bangs againㅜㅜ

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ㅇㅅ |2015.06.12 16:57 
JinE and Binie are the prettiest..Isn't Binie the one who cried when EXID won? cute

중엽 |2015.06.12 17:34 
Hyun Seunghee is cute but why are people bashing her for?

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.12 17:00 
right they're not even ugly? If they find their individual styles that suit them, they can shine even more. Anyways, please don't get hurt

ㅇ |2015.06.13 00:12 
she's so pretty, why did you give her bangs/....

ㅇㅇ |2015.06.12 19:36 
seriously if they changed their styles, they'll become freaking pretty,  WM is seriously weak when it comes to hairstyles and make up..

ㅇ |2015.06.12 19:30 
I hope they learn how to get the camera angles and change their hair and make up, they'll be so pretty

ㅇ |2015.06.13 00:10 
stan attractor awardㅠㅜ♡