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HI SUHYUN thanks fans for their support through commemorative snapshot

November 12, 2014 0 Comments

While preparing for their debut music video, recent duo unit HI SUHYUN took the time to show fans gratitude for their support through a commemorative snapshot!

On November 12th, the photo was uploaded through YG-LIFE and featured Lee Hi and Suhyun in a selca. The two were seen posing close together outdoors, with minimal makeup and casual clothing from their music videosetting. Lee Hi holds up a sheet of paper that reads, “Thank you <3<3 from music video filming area,” while her and Suhyun enticing viewers with their innocent but beautiful charms.

Their collaboration single “I’m Different” featuring iKON‘s Bobby has swept over charts, prompting YG Entertainment to be pleasantly surprisedwith the outcome of the audio release.

The music video has yet to be released, but is expected to come out soon, so stay tuned for the unveiling of the much awaited debut!