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Lee Jong Suk becomes the first Korean model for Oakley brand

November 10, 2014 0 Comments

Model and actor Lee Jong Suk has been confirmed as the first South Korean model for global sports equipment and apparel company, Oakley Incorporated!Model-turned-actor Lee Jong Suk has become an official model for Oakley as the first South Korean model to ever be appointed the position.

Though Oakley has been supported and promoted by many models from the United States, Europe, and Asia, this is the first time an official model has been appointed as the main face for the brand.

On November 5th, despite the busy preparations for his upcoming drama and fan-meets, Lee Jong Suk energetically finished his photo shoot with Oakley without showing any signs of complaint or fatigue, garnering many compliments from the Oakley staff members who were present at the scene.

The recent photo shoot was themed “Urban Street Casual,” a concept that Lee Jong Suk has yet to attempt and showcase during all of his years as a model.

An Oakley representative released a statement regarding the appointment of Lee Jong Suk as an official model: “As much as he is the first South Korean model to be appointed to the job, we have high expectations from Lee Jong Suk as we believe he’ll be able to successfully lead various promotions and a new wave of Hallyu. We hope to interact with many fans in the near future through various photo shoots and behind the scenes stories.

Lee Jong Suk’s new photo shoot with Oakley will be released on the official Oakley homepage at the end of November.

Lee Jong Suk for Oakley
Lee Jong Suk for Oakley
Lee Jong Suk for Oakley
Lee Jong Suk for Oakley

Source: Sports Donga