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July 01, 2020 0 Comments

I'll wait for your tips in order to rescue a kid like me who only keep their crushes as crushesㅠㅠ
Don't just share your own tips
If someone asked your number, talked to you first or flirted with you and ended up dating you, please share your story too!!
I have none so I'll be f*cking waiting;;;;

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1. [+225, -246]
When you're in front of your crush, you would act all excited and become an attention seeker, vote up. If you become more quiet and chic, vote down

2. [+97, 0]
You have to steadily make it obvious that you like someone... the killing point is that you have to do it steadily. You have to act like super close friends with a dose of "crush". That's how I and my crush got close

3. [+79, -1]
You absolutely need to make it obvious. You have to keep contacting your crush, pretend that you're close and talk to him. The other party needs to know that you like them. I think that if you make it obvious for a long time but that the other party puts up a wall, you can't help itㅠㅠ When you talk to your crush, make sure that you ask them everything ok?? If you're in the same class or in the same academy, ask them about what the homework is, if they have material for assignments and just make sure that you ask about everything. Ask even if you already know what the homework isㅎㅎㅎ Fighting with all your crushes kids

4. [+67, -6]
Ha what the? You're telling me that just reading this will help me get a boyfriend??? Really???
"ㅋ f*ck, what in the world"

5. [+55, -1]
These were grandma's words.. "Even if I stayed still, the old geezers would just stick around... that time was pretty nice... the good days have passed~"

6. [+42, -1]
Everyone, succeed

7. [+40, 0]
When posts are asking about writing random facts or embarrassing stories, I always write them f*cking proactively, but every time subjects like these appear, I have nothing to write... f*ck ㅠㅠ