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[★VIDEO] 4minute members celebrate Jiyoon’s birthday

October 16, 2014 0 Comments

4minute member Jiyoon celebrated her 25th birthday with her fellow group members on October 15th at Cube Studio, revealing a photo of herself holding a lit birthday cake.

While some idols spend their birthdays with their fans or quietly by themselvesothers spend some quality time with their group members.

In 4minute’s case, members Sohyun and Hyuna both posted photos of the group’s celebration in honor of the birthday girl, Jiyoon. In light of recent months filled with group controversies, it’s refreshing to see a group like 4minute stay so close! Happy birthday, Jiyoon!

It’s always good to see group members sharing joyous and special times together!

Jiyoon will be debuting as an actress in an upcoming web-drama titled, “Dreaming CEO”.



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지윤언니 생일 축하해!!!!!!!!

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