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BTS Cartoon Pillow


It has been reported that the members of BTS have worked with Naver’s LINE Corporation to create their own characters and emojis.

The collaboration resulted in the birth of BT21, eight new LINE characters. But BTS has only seven members, ‘how does it make sense to end up with eight characters?’ you might ask. The eighth character is actually a character that represents the band themselves and their fanbase ‘A.R.M.Y’. The characters of BT21 include Tata (created by V), RJ (created by Jin), Chimmy (created by JiMin), Cooky (created by JungKook), Mang (created by J-Hope), Shooky (created by Suga), Koya (created by Rap Monster), and the robot Van. 

- 2 sizes : 30 x 40 cm and 45 x 55 cm

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