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BTS Card Set Lanyard







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With regard to the Placing:


    When the commodity is in the factory, the personnel can check and put the goods in the warehouse. When the goods are delivered, the warehouse personnel should be checked and sent out. There should be no further problems, such as wrong goods and minor defects (such as head, printing, etc.), and can solve the problem by itself. The quality problem that can't be solved is with us, we do the record here, then you put it before, get up, more time, send it again, send the postage to you at the time of next purchase, send us out.


01Color difference description: because of the background of the photo.(Trad=The Line, Pinyin=guang1 xian4) optical line, optical cable, shine.And the difference in color difference and color caused by the difference in the restoration degree of the computer display will be different, which is not within the controllable range and does not belong to the quality problem. Goods shall be subject to physical objects. Basically, it is made by hand. Please carefully consider the color difference and minor defects before deciding whether to order it.


02Regarding delivery: after the buyer orders for payment, (except weekends or holidays), we will contact you by phone or wangwang if there is a shortage. At the time of delivery, the distribution personnel will check the delivery slip and the goods. After checking, the goods will be packed together with the goods on the delivery slip and sent out.


03Express logistics: we default express delivery if you need other courier please contact online customer service. If the express delivery is not available or in a hurry, please contact customer service and send Shunfeng and postal courier. Bulk goods to be sent to logistics consignment please and customer service description of the logistics company address, shipping station name. So that you can refer to the goods in a short period of time, near the location. Statement, express delivery and logistics are not available to us, please do not express and logistics service attitude and arrival time dissatisfaction as the basis for our evaluation.


04Regarding sign-in: please sign for the goods when they are delivered, such as family members, friends, doormen and so on, it will be regarded as my sign-in. Open it on the spot and sign for it. If the goods are damaged during transportation, please verify the claim with the delivery personnel or refuse to sign for it.


05With regard to the post: Since the signing of three days if there is quality problem, please contact us and we will give you a return and exchange, overdue is no longer accepted. If the quality is not so sure, refunds or exchanges, the mere fact that they do not like, and the picture is too large, out of his heart, not satisfied or not perceived as good subjective factors such as the leading causes, the purchaser of the product is not exchange.


06About evaluation: your loyal evaluation, is our unremitting driving force forward, if receive the goods satisfied and happy mood, please give us encouraging praise, once the problem is a little dissatisfied please communicate with customer service, there are problems can be solved to you, sweep away your questions and dissatisfaction, return your happy mood.