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BTS WNIGS Stainless Steel Silicone Bracelet

Product Description:

【Material】Stainless steel
【Remarks】This quotation is(Bracelet+OPPBag)Packaging, excluding box decorations

【colour】: blue orange yellow 


               Maybe there will be some color difference due to the different display of each person.

Product picture display:



Silicone Bracelet 7



Supporting trading methods:

Online online banking Alipay guarantees transactions, offline bank transfers, if there is any unknown can consult online customer service


About styles:

We can order or print LOGO directly according to our mature style, or customize it according to the product design you provide. We can send samples to you so that we can quote with you! & nbsp; we can make LOGO exclusively for you.


Regarding samples:

If you want to make a single model, you need to charge a fee according to different styles.


Regarding delivery time:

The bank or Alipay will deliver the goods within 2-10 days after receiving the payment. The specific time is affected by the order quantity, product model, etc. We will confirm the specific delivery time with you before you place the order.


With regard to prices:

The price is cash price excluding tax. This price is our general price for packing. If you need to specify the packing, we will discuss the packing price again.


With regard to payment of goods:

1.Recommend Alipay transaction, pay according to standard procedure, deliver goods, the cost is two safe.

2.Friends without Alipay can also draw money directly from banks. (bank accounts please consult online customer service). Order customers order 30% deposit in advance, and the balance payment method can be determined through negotiation.


Our products are manufactured and sold by our factory, with small profits and more sales. We support one proxy. If you have any problems in shopping, you can consult our online customer service or telephone contact. You can refuse to accept the medium or poor evaluation.